Take this, not that.

A therapeutic interchange saves $71,000 for a single patient treatment.

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Reduce cost for treatment

A physician prescribed Harvoni® once daily for 12 weeks for a 47-year-old male for the treatment of Chronic Hepatitis C Virus (HCV) infection, with a confirmed HCV genotype 1.


Based on the clinical information included with the prior authorization, the PharmAvail clinical pharmacist determined that the patient was equally qualified for another HCV antiviral agent, Mavyret®.


While equally effective as Harvoni® for HCV, Mavyret is less expensive, shortens the course of therapy by four weeks, and resulted in a lower copay for the member. Talk about a win-win! The net result is the savings of over $71,000 for a single patient’s treatment.

HCV Direct-Acting Anti Viral AgentCourse of TherapyTotal Cost of Therapy
Harvoni®12 weeks$96,612
Mavyret8 weeks$25,516